The Looney Lifeboat Regatta

The Looney Lifeboat Regatta came to be when a group of Rollins MBA students approached the founder of The Lifeboat Project, Jill Bolander Cohen, to choose it as a non-profit to create a marketing campaign for. The Rollins Students contacted the originators of the idea (The Silly Boat Regatta), a non-profit called The Nanaimo Child Development Centre started in Canada. They graciously give us permission to recreate The Silly Boat Regatta, and thus Looney Lifeboat Regatta was born! 

So what is the Looney Lifeboat Regatta? 

Community members, clubs, businesses, families, friends--and even strangers--come together to form a team to compete in a boat race. Team members bring their biodegradable boat materials to the venue starting at 8 a.m. They then build their boats onsite to compete against other teams in heats to win prizes such as Best Team Spirit, First to Finish, First to Sink, Looniest Boats and the Grand Champion. Children aren't excluded from the fun; they'll have their own activities to keep them engaged and involved in the fun. 

Our First Regatta will be held at Turkey Lake Park, 3401 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando, FL 32835 in 2020. Check back for more details about how you, your organization, family, and friends can be involved in raising funds to end human trafficking and help its survivors.